Deepavali Charitable Trust is a public charity dedicated to supporting benevolent causes in rural India, operating in regions of extreme poverty. Its mission is to better the lives of the underprivileged and needy, irrespective of colour, caste or religion.

Deepavali is a Tax-Exempt, Non-Profit New Zealand Regulated Charity, where nearly 100% of funds raised go to the actual causes. It is run entirely by volunteers. Nearly 100% of your donation goes to the actual causes! We invite you to click here to download our Annual Report for 2017/18 or click here to download our Annual Report for 2018/19.

What do we do?

Empowerment of Women

Each year, we provide education to over 4,500 girls who may otherwise be married off or destined to a live of slavery.

100% Free Healthcare

Process over 45,000 patients per month in 3 hospitals, providing 100% free Healthcare.

Disaster Relief

Provide clothing and blankets for many people and children who would otherwise be without.

Financial Aid

We provide basic life necessities to people who do not have ability to provide for themselves.

Our Initiatives

  • Run by 100% volunteers so that nearly 100% of your donation goes to the actual causes.

  • Free Quality Medical Care at three 100% free, charitable hospitals.

  • Comprehensive outreach health programs.

  • Cater to over 45,000 patients per month across the three hospitals.

  • All medical services, from simple treatments to life-saving operations, to any paitent, some walk over 100kms to reach a hospital.

  • Help to break the cycle of poverty by empowering girls with an education.

  • Cater to over 4,500 girls through primary school, intermediate and college.

  • Provide free uniforms, school bags, school supplies, transportation.

  • Bicycles for girls coming from distant villages, utility items and hygiene supplied to nurture them into economically self-reliant women.

  • Empowering women and impacting future generations through education!

By working together we can achieve
a whole lot more to serve humanity

Please reach out to us and reach within your hearts and join us in supporting these benevolent causes.

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